Jack and Eoin

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Referee United FC      the team supporting referees and officials in our game

#Respect Officials

Create a 'Team' around our Irish Soccer Referees and Officials. Name the team, brand the team and create a media and social media narrative around that team, making the 'team' something tangible to support. Develop a fan base as with any team and enable people to become part of that team as with any fan base. The fanbase has the potential to open attending local sport to neutral sports lovers.

A fantastic goal was scored while watching football with our Dad on TV. As the family celebrated in watching a wonderful goal and looking to Dad for his opinion, we initially got..... 'the referee was 10 yards behind the play. The linesperson should have been level with the last defender..............' there was always a Third Team ;-) 

#Respect Each Other

The Strategy

Respect Officials, Respect Each Other

The Third Team

Develop an online map, utilising Google Maps, and display the parks and grounds where all referees will be officiating each weekend. This update could be a mandatory update for each home Clubs Secretary, and becomes the Clubs responsibility to update. An interactive map of local and regional games. 

The Third Team

Create a Portal on an official FAI / ISRS website to allow individuals access and allow then create a Profile that is approved and has verification.

This Portal allows access to the interactive map. 

The supporters of Referees United FC will have the opportunity to attend games and provide visible support to the referee by just being there. 

The Third Team

The supporters may be given access to an online webform to deliver a review of the game from a perspective of respect, on and off the field of play.

The Referee United FC could potentially help spread the word on respect within the game, on the ground as impartial supporters and lovers of the game.