Jack and Eoin

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Podge and Rodge

Podge and Rodge Special

Having spent a year in the Gaiety School of Acting I got my first big break with Podge and Rodge and their TV special 'Up The Aras' (smell the sarcasm, all round) :-)

This was a big gig :-). I was contracted to DoubleZ productions for a 2 day shoot. The location was Aras an Uchtaran, the Presidents residents in the Phoenix Park. Luckily enough, the location crew had a back-up location because, eventually, someone for the office of the President actually read the script and they pulled the access for filming. The shoot moved to the wonderful Rahfarnham Castle and a stunning private residence in Ranelagh Village, for the garden scenes. The Lads, Podge an Rodge, we fantastic, so excited to have their first official mobile canteen for the actors. They were still using their Zig & Zag name plates :-)

Two days of craic followed and the collective, artistic, and fun bones came up with the video :-) Enjoy!