Jack and Eoin

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Jackanory with Jack and Eoin  is an initiative to encourage and stimulate interest in reading for all ages!

Jackanory with Jack and Eoin is an initiative to encourage and stimulate  interest in reading for all ages! 

For many years a TV programme named Jackanory championed reading on TV. Each episode involved an actor reading from children's novels or folk tales, usually while seated in an armchair. The name 'Jackanory' appeared first in nursery rhymes from @ 1790. Jack and Eoin will follow a similar path in providing a channel for people to share their favourite short stories or extracts by asking Adults and Kids to make recordings of their favourite reading and sending the recording to Jack and Eoin. The recording will be shared on our Website, on an individual page, named after the reader. That page becomes the Readers page and can hold multiple readings, videos and photos in one location while the Readers name becomes SEO or Search Engine Optimised as a secondary domain page within the Jack and Eoin Website under 'Jackanory'.

See our example here by the wonderful Caitlin Mitchell

Send recordings, links to recordings and photos to:
Eoin Walsh WhatsApp @ 087 2935403 or via Messenger to our 'Jack and Eoin' page on FB